Dear friend,

Do you have a wallet or bank account you’d like to STUFF with cash?

Do you know that consistently placing the right bets can help change your loved-ones’ lives?

Do you want to get PAID, time and time again, for spending only a few minutes placing bets?

It’s time you

Find the perfect, low-risk strategy…
Choose the most profitable bets...
And quickly build your bankroll.

The right betting strategy has the ability to change your (and your family’s) life.

But, when it comes to online betting, chances are, you’re probably facing 1 of these 3 challenges: (...maybe even all of them)

01. You don’t understand the betting loophole strategies.

You know there is money to be made with online betting.

You see a LOT of people placing bets, and making a serious profit.

But you don’t know how they are doing it…

With so many different strategies out there, it can be downright overwhelming.

And if you don’t have the right strategy, it will quickly lead to problem #2...


02. You’re afraid that you’ll LOSE your money.

The wrong bets will certainly drain your money quicker than the HMRC... If you don’t know what you’re doing, online betting is little more than a game of chance:

True, you could end up with some BIG WINS that fill your pockets with cash.

But you also could end up in a WORSE financial situation than when you started... or even totally broke.

Without a strategy that stacks the odds entirely in your favor, you can’t take that kind of chance. (well, you can...but it just wouldn’t be wise.)


03. You don’t have a large betting bank to invest.

Certain betting strategies can make you a LOT of money very quickly…but they require a HUGE upfront investment.

Ever heard the saying “it takes money to make money”?

Even with all the betting “know how”, and all the tools to help you win, if you can’t put down a hefty investment, you’ll be on the outside looking in...

Which of these betting struggles sound most like you at the moment?

Whichever situation you’re in, I promise you I can help…

What if… just WHAT IF you only had to put a very
small amount into the pot to turn a PROFIT?

And WHAT IF you could take those earnings, and
place strategic bets that will yield you even
BIGGER profits?

What if you had a secret betting “code”...
a proven combination of betting strategies that (when lined up correctly)
unlocks your personal PROFIT VAULT?

After investing over 6 figures in online betting…

...and helping over 60,000 bettors to consistently increase their earnings, and build their bank, month after profitable month...

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • You DON’T have to bet big to start winning big…
  • You DON’T have to fear that you’ll lose all your money…
  • You DON’T even need to know how to calculate and research all of your bets...

All you need is a safe, low-risk system that’s engineered to do 2 things:

  • 1 ) Make you initial profits quickly, and
  • 2 ) Turn those earnings into even BIGGER piles of cash!

I’ve already helped countless bettors across the UK
to create an unfair winning advantage!

The Question Is - “ARE YOU NEXT”?

Introducing Advantage Play Secrets

Advantage Play Secrets is a betting blueprint that uses 4 KEY systems to stack the odds safely in your favor, while showing you how to find and place the BEST bets.

Let’s Take A Closer Look At The 4 Systems
That Make Up The Advantage Play Secrets


The Golden Parachute Method

This is one of my favorite beginner methods because ANYONE can use this right up front and start to see very low-risk returns in a short period of time.

This “Holy Grail Method” includes it’s own proprietary software to help you work out the bets.

The best part?

You can place bets several times daily and it only requires a bank of £100 to work. Too easy.

In fact, in one of my trades, I staked £100 and made a quick and easy £27 profit for less than 10 minutes of work.

Considering there was hardly any risk, £27 (or in this case, 27%) is one hell of a return!

And full disclosure, the Golden Parachute is a Dutching method where users bet on ALL outcomes of an event so they aren’t risking their money.

The value comes into play when the “parachute triggers” and you’ll make yourself a cool profit of between £5 and £100.


Dutching Bounty Method

The dutching bounty software will help you lock in BIG profits on every set of trades.

A typical bet with a total stakes of £250 will yield a profit of between £0 and £150. It’s giving you a free shot at a medium to large win with very little downside risk.

When I was recording the training videos for this strategy, I bagged a £57 profit with a total stake of £270.

The value in this strategy is taking advantage of when the bookies odds are higher than the implied chance of them winning.

Remember, it has nothing to do with arbs, extra places, or best odds guaranteed!


Acca Booster

This is where things get really fun...

The stakes are a bit higher than the 2 previous systems, but so are the REWARDS!

This is what makes the difference between a few extra pounds here and there, and really padding your betting bank.

Bookmakers make their money from the over round they build into the odds.

If you add two poor value selections together in an accumulator bet, this increases the bookmaker's overround which is why bookies LOVE Accas!

All that being said - if you add two value selections together in an accumulator, this increases the amount of value in the player's favour.

A quick example…

Imagine placing 2 bets, each with 5% edge over the bookmaker. In an accumulator, this would increase your edge to 10%.

Make sense?

What you’ll find in the Advantage Play Secrets is our proprietary software system that will flag these value accumulator selections up FOR YOU.

It will tell you the bets to place, when to place them, and the amount of value you’ve bagged!


Betfair Matched Bettors Exploit

Matched Bettors use the exchange to hedge their bookmaker bets to create a risk free profit.

They aren’t bothered by what price they lay at providing they are locking in at least SOME profit.

When everybody and their brother is jumping on the same bet, it forces the back prices up higher than they should be.

The Matched Bettors Exploit will show you how to find and take advantage of these value opportunities on Betfair without the need for ANY bookmakers.

Again, this is an advanced strategy that we recommend moving into AFTER you’ve used the Golden Parachute and locked in some profits with the Dutching Bounty Method.

Just last Saturday, I secured a bet with a 10% advantage over the true odds and that’s also factoring in the 5% commission. The bet won giving me a total profit of £339!

This is NOT a one off opportunity as I’ve recorded several examples (which I’m able to show you INSIDE the members area for Advantage Play Secrets).

Making money with the Matched Bettors Exploit is a pretty big deal because Betfair can be a pretty tough cookie to crack…

Most people lose money on that platform, but knowing what I know when using this method, you could actually use this one method alone and do VERY well for yourself.

These 4 systems alone are enough to start winning bets, and stockpiling COLD HARD CASH in your wallet!

But for many, learning a new betting strategy can seem a bit overwhelming or intimidating…

...especially if you’re a new bettor.

What good is a WORLD-CLASS betting strategy, if you have nobody to help guide you through it?

That’s why I want to do you one better:

What If You Had UK’s TOP Online Betting Strategist In Your Back Pocket Helping You Place Your Bets? expert multi-millionaire bettor who trains you on SAFE, low-risk, profitable strategies that require ZERO GUESSWORK?

What if you could look over my shoulder and SEE step-by-step every move I make to generate a low-risk fortune, while building my bank, month in and month out?

With the Advantage Play Secrets Course & Software Package,
it’s almost like STEALING money from the bookies!

In fact, they’d consider you to be a QUADRUPLE THREAT...
Imagine This Is All Yours:

  • 4 Brand new strategies you can execute back-to-back to progressively increase your earnings, and build your betting bank!
  • Time-saving tools that take ALL the guesswork out of betting (because all of the research and calculating has already been done FOR you!)
  • Intelligent software that quickly and easily finds you the BEST bets. (No more researching bets for hours!)
  • A world-class Online Betting coach - watch over my shoulder as I use these strategies to place low-risk, profitable bets in REAL TIME that you can mimic.

Here’s What You Get When You TRY OUTThe Advantage Play Secrets Course & Software Package

£47 value

24/7 Access To The Advantage Play Secrets
Training Vault

I’ve compiled over 2 hours of videos and training segments, and broken it down into EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND lessons.

This includes training on the 4 KEY systems:

System #1 - The Golden Parachute Method

System #2 - Dutching Bounty Method

System #3 - Acca Booster

System #4 - Betfair Matched Bettors Exploit

Watch over my shoulder as I show you step-by-step EXACTLY:

  • How to bank profits using each of the 4 strategies in the Advantage Play Secrets Training Course,
  • WHICH markets they will show on, and
  • WHICH to look for them.
£97 value

Access To The APS Proprietary Online Betting Software

This betting software is a GAME-CHANGER for finding (and profiting from) the BEST odds for all 4 systems!

In fact, I’ll do you one better…

What if you had access to an online platform
that would FIND the best bets FOR YOU?

With the APS Proprietary Online Betting Software, all of the best bets are conveniently located in ONE dashboard, which means you won’t be wasting precious hours manually sifting through different websites.

(call me crazy, but if you’re anything like me, you don’t have time for that!)

Everything you need will be easily accessible in ONE convenient spot.

It updates in real time and has links to the bookmakers so you’ll never need to slip back and forth between windows and websites in order to get a bet made.

£97 value

Access to the Abundance Bank Building Plan

A simple 3-step training system showing you how to get BIG results from Advantage Play Secrets.

I'll teach you the steps to build a large bank and withdraw a monthly profit.

You'll know exactly which systems to focus on based on your current bankroll size to pull in quick profits.

I know you’re probably thinking… “But Mike,
How Will I Know If The System Actually
Works For Me If I Don’t Try It Out First?”

I get it…

I’m a “hand’s on” kind of guy.

I like to be able to TRY a system or program out to see if I can get results.

And that’s exactly what I want you to do.

As a test, I’ve decided to offer this very special deal.

For a VERY limited time, you can PROFIT from our new Advantage Play Secrets (including ALL software) on a 14-day trial for £1.

That’s right, it’s practically ON ME…

I want you to have access to EVERYTHING I just talked about for a single pound!

After the trial is finished you only pay £99 + VAT (£118.80) for 12 months access.

With This Simple “Zero Guesswork” System,
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Every Step Of the Way…

...Imagine the Profit-Generating Potential
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The 14-Day Trial is a limited time test-offer!


Try out Advantage Play Secrets for just £1…

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I WANT you to start accumulating profit, and building your bank over the next 2 weeks!

If you aren’t happy with what you see or what you have access to (or the amazing profits you are making)...

… then simply the support email provided and I'll cancel your order…

You have 14 full days to cancel from the date of purchase, no questions asked “love it or cancel” guarantee…

Are You Ready To Start Snowballing Your Profit Bank, With The MINIMUM Amount of Risk Possible?

Get started with Advantage Play Secrets today for just £1, and finally give yourself the winner’s “edge” that will have you consistently profiting, and building your bank month after month.

To Your Betting Success,
Mike Cruickshank

PS. You’ll never find a better software guarantee in the online betting industry. Any time within 14 days of purchase, you can cancel your order.

Once you try this software for yourself, you’ll want to hang onto it indefinitely.

PPS. At just £1 for a 14 day trial, the investment is a no-brainer. There simply isn’t a more affordable option that will give you the money-making RESULTS you can expect to get with Advantage Play Secrets.